Where and How to Sell Restaurant Furniture

20 May 2022
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You’ve got your eye on a new set of chairs and tables. You know they will make your seating area even more beautiful and comfortable for your customers. 

But before you can get them delivered, there is one big question: what to do about the old furniture? 

You have a few options. We have listed four, in order of desirability.

If you’re looking to buy restaurant furniture, we’ve got the perfect guide for that, too!

What To Do With Your Restaurant Furniture

Option 1: Sell It

Usually the ideal outcome is being able to sell your tables and chairs to another establishment that can make better use of them than you, at the same time allowing you to recoup some of the cost. 

So, where can you sell your restaurant furniture?

If you already have relationships with other venues, it’s worth getting the word out in advance that you expect to have furniture for sale in the near future. Social media is a good place to advertise this. 

Failing this, there are companies that will happily buy your furniture from you. Restaurant furniture can be sold to other hospitality venues, via auction houses (including websites such as Bidspotter or BPI Auctions ), or to large companies that specialize in buying contract tables and chairs (for example, WantDon’tWant) .

Option 2: Remove It

You might not always be able to find a buyer for your furniture. If you don’t have the space to store them after the new furniture arrives, getting rid might be a higher priority than selling them.  

If this is the case, some companies will offer a furniture clearance service for hospitality businesses for a fee. Heritage Refurbishment is one such company. Then they are free to do with it what they want — sell it, recycle, or dump it. Therefore, if you’re concerned about where those items are going to end up, and if it will be an environmentally friendly solution, it’s best to have a look at the clearance companies website or give them a call. 

Option 3: Donate It

There are lots of organisations that can make use of your old furniture. Talk to charities that operate furniture stories. In the UK, the British Heart Foundation and Emmaus are two examples. 

Option 4: Bin It

Contract furniture is designed to last a long time (that’s how we can offer an industry-beating 5-year structural warranty), but it isn’t invincible. If you have furniture that is worn or damaged to that point that functionality is impacted, it is probably best to recycle it if possible or commit to a landfill if not. 

It’s not the most environmentally friendly option, but sometimes furniture just has to go. Look up your local waste disposal facility. 


So, what can you do with your old contract furniture?

When it comes to dealing with contract furniture that you want to replace, it would be ideal to let other businesses know that you have furniture for sale in advance and try to strike a deal.

If this doesn’t work, try contacting large buyers such as auction houses asking if they will purchase your items 3) contact charities that specialise in furniture sales and ask if they will accept a donation, 4) find a furniture clearance company to take your table and chairs away; or, if nothing else works, 5) take them to a waste disposal site. 

If you want to find out what new restaurant furniture you could be enjoying, visit the Tabilo store today!

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