IPANIPAN is a wireless charging solution for your dining tables.

Built to last, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, IPANIPAN is the perfect way to attract more customers.

IPANIPAN - anipan phone on table 2
IPANIPAN wireless charging in use

A unique battery-powered range

IPANIPAN chargers can be installed on your tables without worrying about access to electricity.

Wireless charging station

Wireless charging on your table.
The guarantee of a reliable and durable charging solution that is certified to the Qi standard by the wireless power consortium.

IPANIPAN wireless charging in use
IPANIPAN usb charging

USB ports

2 USB ports allow fast charging of phones, tablets, power banks and other mobile devices.


The battery pack is powered by a 15 Ah battery which provides up to 8 days of autonomy depending on its use.

IPANIPAN battery
IPANIPAN outdoor use

Indoor & outdoor

The battery pack has been designed for professional use.
Its reinforced case and its IP 65 certification allow it to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Safety & convenience

A magnetic key allows you to unlock the battery and extract it in a jiffy to recharge it.

IPANIPAN Security Key
IPANIPAN charging tray

Charging tray

The charging tray allows 4 batteries to be recharged simultaneously in 7 hours.
It can be used flat or fixed on a wall.

IPANIPAN wireless charger and power bank

Key Features

IPANIPAN key features - waterproof


IPANIPAN key features - UV protection

UV protection

IPANIPAN key features - anti scratch protection

On top

IPANIPAN - table from above 2
IPANIPAN - bad weather

The most integrated wireless charging station

Easily integrated into nearly any tabletop or surface, the charging area’s slimline profile ensures that your furniture keeps its integrity, giving a modern touch and a refined design.


Up to 8 days of autonomy


No electrical outlet required

Shock proof

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