How many people can you sit around a table?

29 October 2018

This is a question we get asked for time and time again, so we thought we would spend some time to provide some answers for you.

There are several things to consider, but here are some general rules of thumb when considering how many people to sit around a table.

Table Shapes

Square tables seem to be the most popular (our best sellers are 700 x 700mm, with 1200 x 700mm being the bestselling rectangular). The reason for this is that square tops are slightly more space efficient, and can also be butted up against each other to make longer tables if necessary.

If space is not an issue you may want to give your guest a round table so they may easily talk to each other. Round tables tops offer a slightly better social experience and are popular in cafés.

Many restaurants with more space, of course, go for a combination of both square and circular, large and small to give a ‘fuller’ experience for diners.

Table Top Sizes

Our table plan gives an indication to help decide the right top size for the environment it’s going in.

For bars, especially cocktail bars where you want a quicker turnaround, tables can be up to 25% smaller.

You may notice that all of the pictures on our table plan are stock sizes except the 1400 x 900mm. Whilst we are known for stocking table tops for next day delivery, we can also produce bespoke sizes. There is no minimum order quantity for bespoke sizes in any of the stock MFC and laminate finishes.
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