SM France

17 August 2018

Tabilo is proud to announce we are now selling SM France tops from stock.

SM is a 30 year in the making company well known around the world with a wide range of quality, classy finishes and constantly renewed design products.

Today their ambition is reflected in a specific know-how in the manufacturing of technical, tailor-made and eco-friendly products. They use 100% recycled products in the production process, and 500,000 tops a year! 

 Take a look at the SM France tops we have available.

How are the tops made?

  1. The wood is crushed to obtain chips. These chips are then dried to remove any moisture before starting the process.
  2. The chips are mixed with resins and cold pressed to get a ‘cake’ mixture.
  3. The cake is then put in a hot moulding press to initiate polymerization of the glue mixture and then presenting the chosen décor to press onto the top. 
  4. The table top is skimmed. This precise finish is a quality guarantee and it concluded the manufacturing process!

The tops are:

  • Resistant to light and 180c of heat to the surface.
  • A waterproof material, perfect for outdoor conditions.
  • Long lasting products and colour.
  • Easy to clean and hygienic.

And the future of SM France? They are committed to sustainable development and technological innovations.

As we live in a mobile world, the future tops will have the option of wireless charging capability. This will keep us connected, and be an invaluable tool to the customer you are selling to. 

We look forward to flourishing relations!

Click here to view the range.

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