Outdoor-Indoor Furniture: Why Businesses Might Choose Outdoor Furniture For Indoor Spaces

16 August 2021

Are Outdoor Tables and Outdoor Chairs Just For Outdoor Spaces?

We all look forward to getting away from the hustle and bustle of the day, sipping our coffee (cocktails) in the sun, listening to our podcasts or just letting nature provide the playlist. We all need a comfortable space to relax, spaces to chill in and let the troubles of the day wash away while we are enjoying a deep breath of fresh air. 

When enjoying these outdoor moments, the importance of a reliable chair and a good, strong table cannot be underestimated.

Outside Furniture Means Robust Furniture

Comfort aside, quality outdoor furniture has strong resistance to weather conditions and can be kept outdoors without any problems. Furniture that is designed to be used outdoors is mostly produced from corrosion-free metals, like aluminium, or plastics which can stay in nature longer than other materials. 

Outdoor furniture is used in gardens, balconies, poolside’s, at the seaside, in cafes, restaurants and hotels. But, is there any reason these hard-wearing furniture warriors cannot be used indoors as well? We think not.

Easily Cleanable Furniture For The Post Pandemic World

Covid has brought the idea of cleanliness right to the forefront of everything hospitality related. The need to be able to consistently clean an item with ease, and without causing damage, is a must for the new world these businesses live in now. 

Outdoor furniture is designed with exactly this in mind, as it has to be put through its paces in often harsh and messy environments. 

Examples of comfortable outdoor furniture that can be used indoors

Just look at some of the features on Tabilo’s outdoor range for instance:

1. The Canterbury Table

Canterbury 1500x900mm table

Suitable for prolonged outdoor use, the easily cleaned and tough polypropylene surface of the Canterbury table will look right at home in your cold British beer gardens, outside your pet-friendly café’s and for the smokers at the 19th hole of the local golf course.

See the Canterbury table here.

2. The Malaga and Madrid Table Bases

The sturdy Malaga table base was designed for use in coastal areas. The nano-coat technology makes this base the ultimate outdoor dining area furniture. Perfect when you just have to eat ice cream or chips (or both) on one of the UK’s beautiful seafronts or piers. 

3. Werzalit Tabletops

An amazing 5-year warranty for a table top designed for outdoor use—doesn’t that say it all! A 100% recycled core for the more eco-minded of us, and an anti-microbial surface to make that constant cleaning so much easier. Plus, all those colours and patterns suit even the most adventurous of themes. (p.s. did we mention that Tabilo is now the main distributor of Werzalit for the UK). See this great commercial table top here

4. Strata Polypropylene Chair

Strata Polypropylene Chair – Anthracite

Robust stacking chairs, suitable for a range of venues, especially where longevity is essential. Known for their strength: just watch our video where we balance a Vauxhall Frontera on top of them!: Videos | Tabilo

Why not think “Outdoors Indoor” When It Comes To Contract Furniture

The rowdy hen parties singing Bon Jovi songs (dancing on the chairs, spraying Prosecco everywhere like an F1 winner) have nothing on the conditions these outdoor furniture pieces are designed for. 
Relax in the knowledge that our outdoor furniture can handle whatever life (and hen parties) throws its way!! Browse our outdoor range today.

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