How to look after your table tops, and what to avoid

25 February 2021

Caring for your furniture correctly is one of, if not the, most important factor when thinking about longevity of your furniture, and ultimately a long-term cost to yourselves.

Caring for table tops

First of all, you must know what surface you are cleaning as there is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ when cleaning table tops.

Caring for chairs and tables means avoiding damage. It can be time consuming setting up a regular cleaning schedule, but it will save you a lot of cost in the long term.

Laminate & TuffTop® Table Tops

Wipe with a damp cloth soaked with soapy water. For stubborn marks, a careful application of a non-abrasive cleaning solution can be used, but test a concealed area first if possible.

Solid Wood Table Tops

The number one cause of damage or marks to solid wood tops in hospitality is the use of harsh cleaning chemicals, including the popular D10, or more recently sanitiser spray.

Our wooden tops (unless specified or raw tops are bought) have a lacquer coating. The lacquer can be dissolved by the use of solvents, alcohol sanitiser, and stronger chemical cleaners. Soft or compromised lacquer can then peel or mark easier, this includes ring marks from hot drinks, or prolonged exposure to wet glasses. (Images shown below).

So, what’s the best way to clean solid wood?

Use a warm, damp, and slightly soapy cloth to wipe over and leave to dry, that is it!

Werzalit Table Tops

Werzalit tops are made from an extremely resilient, durable material that has been tried and tested millions of times. They are designed to be impact, heat and UV resistant.

Simply use water with a little washing-up liquid for cleaning. Alcohol-based cleaning agents are also harmless. Recent independent lab studies have shown you can eliminate 99.7% of bacteria (E.coli) with a 1% water and soap solution. Check out the video here.

The only note for Werzalit tops is to avoid abrasives or scouring agents. They cause surfaces to lose their shine.

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