Contract & Commercial Furniture Structural Warranty

5 Year Warranty

All of our products here at Tabilo have a 5 year structural warranty. We take away the worry that if something goes wrong, you’ll be left in the lurch and out of pocket on expenses, and lost revenue.

Sena Soft Cream Dining Chair With Orlando Twin Dining Height Base And 1200 By 700 Wenge Solid Ash Top 4
Milton Wenge Bar Chair With COM Seat 10
Newbury Armchair With Newbury Coffee Table 3

Our products are built to last, and we stand by that

Here are some of the benefits of having a warranty policy.

Strata Anthracite Side Chair And Strata Red Side Chair With Madrid Flip Top Dining Height Table Base And 800 Square White Werzalit Table Top 3

Easy budgeting

The Tabilo 5 Year warranty will help you to better define your budget, and actually stick to it. Our structural warranty policy already covers any unexpected occurrence while using the product for any contract or commercial furniture purposes. So, you get to save cost for the 5 year duration that our warranty covers without the anxiety or worry you feel when something goes wrong. We want to protect you from unexpected challenges and expenses.

Assurance and Reliability

Quality assurance and reliability are one of the major benefits of getting a warranty policy. A warranty is a promise, and every promise must be kept. If you get a warranty policy on a product, you feel assured that any structural issues that may occur won’t be at any cost to you. A warranty policy is like a shielding blanket that you get once and it keeps protecting you for a long time! So the Tabilo 5 Year structural warranty policy equals peace of mind for you. Our warranty policies make sure that problems that might have you troubled are taken care of in advance.

Sena Stool (cut Down) Jaffa Orange Severn Side Sunbury Nappa Bonbon Solid Ash Top Orlando Base
Rio Side Chair And Rio 4 Seater Table Powder Coated To Various RAL Colours 1

Ultimate Satisfaction

It is one thing to know that you have made a good investment, it is another thing to know that the investment allows you to live your best life. Our 5 year structural warranty gives you the ultimate satisfaction in knowing that you are covered from any structural issues that may occur. What do we mean by structural? For table tops this could be the edging coming loose, the tops themselves warping, or water damage to our outdoor tops. For chairs this could be the legs snapping or the seat pad coming loose. For Bases this could mean the spider that attaches the top to the base snapping, or the column itself warping. Tabilo will replace your product without quibble.

So Have confidence when you buy your furniture from Tabilo that we will go the extra mile to sort any issues that you may have. Discover our commercial table sets, chairs, table tops, table bases and outdoor furniture today for high quality hospitality furniture.

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